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“You, Me and Hypothyroidism” – Book Review

You, Me and Hypothyroidism

Living with thyroid disease can be an overwhelming and challenging task. The condition itself presents many difficulties including physical and mental changes that can dramatically alter the quality of life for patients as well as the people in their life. Unfortunately, the social and relational implications of thyroid disease are still widely underappreciated and underdiscussed. Author and thyroid patient advocate, Rachel Hill, along with her husband and coauthor, Adam Gask, have identified this issue and are taking action to resolve it through their book You, Me and Hypothyroidism: When Someone You Love Has Hypothyroidism

What’s It About?

Hypothyroidism is a complex topic and many people, including patients and doctors, do not fully understand it. You, Me and Hypothyroidism thoroughly but simply explains the many facets of thyroid disease including potential causes, associated conditions, symptoms, effective treatment options, and more. This information is not only beneficial to patients but is critically important for those who have thyroid patients in their life. What sets the book apart is its focus on the relational elements of thyroid disease and how to best navigate life when in a relationship that is accompanied by thyroid disease.

You, Me and Hypothyroidism is full of useful tips, inspirational stories, and a wealth of valuable information that will benefit anyone who is either suffering from thyroid disease or has a thyroid patient in their life. You, Me and Hypothyroidism is constructed from an impressive synthesis of personal experience and scientific explanation. This perfectly balanced pairing provides a comprehensive and invaluable glimpse into what it is like when thyroid disease is part of an individual’s relationships. The skills and information gained from reading You, Me and Hypothyroidism helps individuals fully understand thyroid disease and the possible lifelong commitment that comes with it. These and other elements throughout You, Me and Hypothyroidism highlight the constant theme of empathy that is intrinsic to Hill and Gask’s writing.

Benefits of Multiple Perspectives

When examining relationships involving thyroid disease, it is easy to assume that most of the physiological, mental, and social hardship falls upon the person with the condition. However, as clearly portrayed in You, Me, and Hypothyroidism, partners or other loved ones also carry a significant burden. The loneliness, anxiety, and uncertainty common among thyroid patients can easily affect those who have loved one’s with hypothyroidism. Because of this, the authors put emphasis on the importance of self-care for those who supporting individuals with thyroid disease.

You, Me and Hypothyroidism is written from the vantage point of a thyroid patient and their partner without thyroid disease. The dual perspective of the authors gives readers unique insight into the experiences and role of each person in a thyroid-laden relationship.

An Intimate Examination on The Impact of Thyroid Disease

The impact of hypothyroidism on romantic relationships is rarely discussed. However, the topic is highly deserving of attention. You, Me and Hypothyroidism spends a healthy amount of time discussing the many facets of hypothyroidism that may influence important elements of a partnership. For example, it is explained how thyroid disease can cause unexpected changes in mood, libido, and energy level, which can result in unwanted tension within a relationship. You, Me and Hypothyroidism, also openly discusses topics of intimacy, fertility, and pregnancy, that frequently go unmentioned in the thyroid community. The healthy discourse in You, Me and Hypothyroidism provides important information and support to those living in a relationship accompanied by thyroid disease.

Essential Information, Tools and Resources

As is to be expected from all of Hill’s works You, Me, and Hypothyroidism, is thorough in its presentation of thyroid information. Additionally, the bookcontains a large collection of further reading and resources that covers the gamut of thyroid topics. Any thyroid-related questions that readers might have after completing You, Me and Hypothyroidism may be answered by utilizing the thyroid advocates, communities, books, and other resources provided.

A Powerful and Personal Touch

Throughout the book, coauthor and husband Adam Gask recounts his experience as a partner to a thyroid patient. His retelling clearly and eloquently portrays the difficulty of living with and seeing a loved one struggle with chronic illness. Gask’s genuine testimony is paired with inspiring words that are sure to provide motivation and perspective that can help thyroid patients and their partners make it through the most challenging of times.

Perhaps the most valuable part of You, Me and Hypothyroidism are “Adam’s Insights” which provide context from the perspective of a person who does not have thyroid disease but has gone through the journey required of those who are in a relationship with a thyroid patient. These recurring sections effectively break down the interpersonal components of thyroid disease in easily understood language and relatable anecdotes. These breakouts are the perfect accompaniment to Hill’s thorough discussion of more technical topics such as the processes of the thyroid, the various forms of thyroid disease, and effective modes of treatment.

Supporting the Thyroid Patients in Your Life

The authors’ discussion of friends, family, and other individuals living with thyroid disease, does an exceptional job at illustrating many situations and possible challenges that may exist in the life of a thyroid patient. The information presented in the book provides a backdrop that informs readers of the needs of thyroid patients and ways to better engage with and support them. For example, there is thorough discussion about how hypothyroidism may impede a patient’s ability to engage in everyday activities, maintain a healthy work and home life, and attend social events. This helps readers appreciate the position of thyroid patients, better identify their concerns, and more effectively navigate their relationships.

Who Should Read It?

The bulk of the You, Me and Hypothyroidism is focused on how to better navigate partnerships and relationships entangled with thyroid disease. However, readers who have not yet been exposed to thyroid disease in any of their relationships may still get great value from reading it. Having a strong awareness and understanding of thyroid disease benefits all readers. As stated in the book, there are 750 million suffering from thyroid disease worldwide making it likely that readers will come in contact with thyroid disease at some point in their life. You, Me and Hypothyroidism equips readers with the skills needed to better interact, support, and love the thyroid patients in their lives.  

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