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Who is Helping Raise Thyroid Awareness?

Who is Helping Raise Thyroid Awareness?

Thyroid disease is a major issue in the United States. It is estimated that over 12 percent of Americans will develop a thyroid condition at some point during their life. Worse still, it is believed that upwards of 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are not aware of their condition. To effectively combat thyroid disease, widespread recognition and understanding must increase. Listed below are some of the best thyroid groups and individuals that are doing their part to raise thyroid awareness.

Sick to Death!

Sick to Death! is a film project that was completed in 2016 that follows the journey of filmmaker, Maggie Hadleigh-West through treatment of her thyroid condition. Her goal in creating the film and associated website is to expose medical corruption and greed that has led to an obfuscation of thyroid disease.

Thyroid Change

ThyroidChange, LLC recognizes that there is a lack of thyroid knowledge and support on an international level. Their programs utilize a global network to provide access to medical professionals, helpful information, and the testing needed to optimize individual thyroid health. You can join their community by visiting

Holtorf Medical Group

The Holtorf Medical Group specializes in optimizing the quality of life of individual patients by uncovering the true cause of symptoms. This approach to medical care is exceptionally beneficial for those with difficult to diagnose chronic disorders such as thyroid disease. For more information or to become a patient visit

Thyroid Nation

Real stories, practical knowledge, and a bounty of other thyroid-related information can be acquired by perusing the highly approachable content of Thyroid Nation. Articles and posts on come from many different contributors including medical professionals, doctors, and thyroid patients.

Dr. Izabella Wentz

Dr. Izabella Wentz is a trained pharmacist who has a passion for raising awareness of thyroid disease and finding solutions to resolve it. Her expertise and knowledge in the field of pharmacology coupled with her personal experience as a thyroid patient gives the content on a unique perspective.

Hypothyroid Mom

Dana Trentini is a longtime thyroid patient and award-winning thyroid advocate who founded the highly informative Her blog-driven site provides a bounty of accessible content that can help those currently suffering from thyroid disease or those who want to support the thyroid patients in their life.

Stop the Thyroid Madness

The information presented at comes from patient testimony. Articles found here cover many aspects of thyroid wellness including testing, treatment, medications, doctors, individual experiences and much more.

Mary Shomon

Mary Shomon is perhaps one of the most well-recognized thyroid advocates. Her site,, gives readers all the resources and tools they need to become their own patient advocate while also raising general awareness of the thyroid.

The Invisible Hypothyroidism

Rachel Hill is another prolific thyroid advocate who, after investing a significant amount of time and energy into her own thyroid journey, created The personal insights and experiences of Hill as well as other guest contributors make The Invisible Hypothyroidism an empathetic bastion of support and useful thyroid information.

Doing Your Part to Raise Thyroid Awareness

By visiting the sites listed above and sharing with others the information and resources therein, you can help increase awareness of thyroid disease.