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    Hey, my daughter is seven years old and she has got hypothyroidism. She has got some problem with her pituitary gland and that has interfered with the production of thyroid hormone. Doctors have termed this condition as congenital hypothyroidism.
    She has dental cavities as she has the habit of consuming too many chocolates. I am planning to take her to a dental clinic, which provides children dentistry services ( ) in Toronto.
    Is it okay to take a child with hypothyroidism to a dentist? What are the things to be noted before taking her to a dentist?



    Make sure to ask them to use a thyroid collar if they do x-rays. Any good dentist will have one available.



    The patient with a thyroid dysfunction, as well as the patient taking medications for thyroid dysfunction, requires proper risk management before considering dental treatment. Drugs used in dentistry can interact adversely with high levels of endogenous hormones and normal levels of exogenous thyroid hormones. A thorough investigation of the patient`s medical history, a physical assessment, and a drug history can prevent a life-threatening situation in a patient with a thyroid dysfunction.

    As for doctor’s appointments, I have a lot of them. I tend to get sick a lot so I end up going to the doctor.I get labs done frequently because I have hypothyroidism and I also get tests because I take a lot of medicines.

    My surgery wasn’t that bad it was just a little painful after the pain medicine wore off when I got home. My shoulder hurt so bad because of the anesthetic that I had to sleep with my butt on a bunch of pillows so my butt was higher then my heart and I was able to have my back and shoulders flat. At least I only had to do that for one day.

    I don’t mind the dentist because cleanings don’t bother me and I kind of like the feeling after the cleaning is done. I hate the x-rays though. I have a small mouth and them trying to shove that big piece of plastic in my mouth hurts.

    All in all, doctors, dentistry at Kanata and other specialty doctors don’t scare me and I don’t mind going because I’m pretty used to it.



    Back in July, I had some blood work done that revealed a higher TSH level (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). Nothing was done at the time, but at a recent doctor’s appointment, I was finally diagnosed with Subclinical Hypothyroidism (My numbers aren’t high enough to be ‘fully’ hypothyroid, but they are high enough to cause some issues and symptoms).

    Within the last year or so, my teeth have really started to go downhill. I know I don’t take very good care of my teeth at home, but prior to my father’s illness and subsequent passing, I maintained regular dental cleanings/visits at Orthodontiste Gatineau and got issues fixed as they popped up. It still seems like it was all at once, honestly.

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