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    I was wondering if anybody had this issue… I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease when I was 17 and had the radioactive iodine treatment a few years later. I was more or less feeling good and on a steady dose of levothyroxine for 10 years. A year ago I started feeling terrible and found that my medication was too much. Over the past year I have been trying to regulate my thyroid with synthroid and have tried every dose and many combination of doses but my tsh either becomes to high or low. I haven’t been able to achieve a steady normal tsh for more than 2 months. Has anybody else had this issue? How did you resolve it? My doctor is trying me on tirosint now as she said some people have more success with that drug. The past year I’ve been on and off birth control pills and ppi and have gained and lost a little bit of weight though nothing crazy (fluctuating 15 pounds). Can this play a role?



    I was on Levothyroxine(T4) for 2 years post radio iodine, never felt well. A quick search on the web (1998) found the answer, as many ppl have the same issue. The thyroid normally produces T3, which many if not most medical practitioners are ignorant of. You need T3. It is a hormone not a medication. It is sold under the trade name “cytomel” among others.
    Tirosint is just another trademark for T4.
    Swallowing the pills will let them interact with the stomach content. You can let them melt inside your mouth, under the lip or gum, to avoid this. About 20% of T4 is lost in the intestine.
    Many years later I started on natural thyroid hormones, which got rid of other problems.
    Ask for it, it is called “Thyroid” or “thyroid-USP” in its generic form. there are a few brands available.
    You should read all the articles on the right side of this page.

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