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    I underwent a thyroid surgery last month to treat hyperthyroidism. A part of my thyroid gland was removed. I was reluctant to undergo the surgery. But, the doctors claimed that I was highly susceptible to thyroid cancer and that it is better to have it removed. I faced difficulties while swallowing and breathing.
    I am married for around three years and we are trying to have a baby. The doctor said that it is not recommended to have antithyroid medicine during this stage.
    I want to have a rhinoplasty surgery and have the best nose job results ( http://www.droakleysmithrhinoplasty.com/our-process/ ) from Toronto. I am planning to have it done before getting pregnant. Is it okay to have this procedure immediately after having a thyroid surgery? How long should I wait to have this rhinoplasty surgery? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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