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    I had a cyst removed from my throat when I was 16 yrs old (I am 46 now). The cyst completely affected my throat and it was id’d as a foreign object but it wasn’t a foreign object it was my unformed twin (long story with my development with genital/kidney formation :( bi-cornal uterus).

    Currently, I have a doctor I love and like and she has diagnosed me with Hashimotos. This makes sense because my body has been set up to attack my thyroid since I have been born. I am on Synthyroid (for 6 yrs, now 200) but it does not make a difference currently. I am tired, in pain and lack memory/coordination. The dose is high and has been tweaked and played with for 3 yrs, is there a different element I am not considering? Thank-you very much for any leads/tips etc.



    Hi monadieno,

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well despite taking Synthroid. I’m responding to share what I’ve looked into over the last 4 months as my thyroid condition deteriorated despite Synthroid treatment for years. Like you I have been on T4 replacement for years (Synthroid/levothyroxine) but recently went through a bout of severe ‘hypo’ symptoms (significant and quick onset weight gain, fatigue, ‘brain fog’, hair loss, and others) that did not respond to increased dosing of Synthroid, nor did I respond to exercise, dietician approved diet, good sleep habits, and good hydration.

    In my case, we’ve found decreasing T3 hormone (despite the increased Synthroid dosing) and low serum ferritin (despite iron supplement and iron rich diet). My endo also tested my RT3 and found that was on the high end of the reference ranges. Thus far, doc added Cytomel (synthetic T3) and within 3 days I started noticing improvement in the fatigue, pain, and ‘brain fog’. Although T3 has a much quicker half-life than T4, I’m still planning to give it 30 days before requesting re-testing of key thyroid and metabolic factors. Hope to see continued improvements as I learn more about how all these things interact.

    So based on my experience, I’d ask if you’ve looked at T3, iron (ferritin) and B12/folate and if yes were your results optimal, suboptimal, or outside of reference ranges?

    Fingers crossed you find answers and relief!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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