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    In 2004 I started having issues, in 2008 I was diagnosed with IBS. Since that diagnosis, I have developed several symptoms that don’t seem to fit in the realm of IBS. In 2012 out of frustration I made a trip to Cleveland Clinic. While I was pleased with the doctor I seen there, it is a 5 hr trip there so to use them for treatment is not really feasible. My symptoms are: I go between diarrhea and constipation. For this I have tried the keeping a diary, elimination diet, probiotics and multiple anti spasmatics. I have not been able to find a food that seems to be a trigger, for my it seems to go like something starts the flare, and it doesn’t matter what I eat, it’s just that I did eat. At this point any and everything I eat causes issues. I also have muscle pain and leg cramps. I am 47 post full hysterectomy and am have awful sweating spells. I also had a heart attack 8 months ago where 2 stents were placed in my RT coronary. I still have blockages which we are treating with medication, however there is one that is 80% blocked and being pinched but is too small for intervention. I just had to have a second heart cath a month ago when I went to the ER for chest pain again, that was coming and going, but wasn’t lasting more than 2 minutes, they did a stress test and it showed an abnormality on the bottom, so he repeated the cath to check the stents out, the Dr. told me about the artery, vessel being pinched and blocked and being to small for a stent. He also said the bottom of my heart is now weaker than the top.
    When we went to Cleveland my question to that Dr. was what role hormones played in IBS. She at the time said they knew there was a connection but they didn’t know what that connection was, at the time the one thing I was able to see a pattern in was around my cycle, this was before the hysterectomy, my symptoms always got worse. The doctor at Cleveland told me to find a rheumatologist, someone to check my hormones, a neurologist (for headaches). If I had trouble finding all of these Dr’s locally to call back they would set me up appointments there. The Dr. had thought I had multiple things going on compounding to make the IBS worse.
    I came home and had trouble getting anyone to check my hormones. I was able to get a reproductive endocrinologist to do the testing. The test showed that my reproductive hormones were going really high and spiking, then going really low. I also showed elevated TPO antibodies. She gave me a prescription for Minivelle 1.0 mg patches. She said test would need to be repeated as at some point I may need to be treated for hypothyroidism.
    In December after losing my younger sister (age 40) from a massive heart attack, to ease my mind and my families, I went to the doctor to see what my risk for any kind of heart event was and while I was at it I asked her if she could check those antibodies again. Our father also has 3 stents and a pace maker. I seen the doctor on a Thursday and the following Monday I had my heart attack. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, the doctor’s office called and left a message about needing to get a hold of them as the doctor wanted to speak with me about my lab results. After being released from the hospital I contacted the doctor’s office to find out the results. She told me my liver enzymes were elevated, also that inflammation showed up but that it was just slightly out of range. I asked about the antibodies, and she said they were elevated. About 2 months ago I went back and she retested for antibodies. This time I asked for a copy of the test results. Again they are high. The lab reference range for normal for this lab is <9 my result was 146. My T4 free is 1.0 reference range is 0.8-1.8, my T3 total is 102 reference being 76-181. I asked at that time to be sent to a endocrinologist. My appointment is Sept 29th.
    I want to make sure I make the most of this appointment, I need some advice on what questions I should be asking.
    I have of course been doing my own research and am wondering does the presence of the antibodies mean this is more likely a autoimmune issue rather than IBS. I am wondering now if the doctor in Cleveland may have had this backwards and instead of there being more than one thing going on compounding to make the IBS worse, is there rather one thing causing all of this. What is the likely hood this could be Hashimoto’s?

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