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    Hello, I’m needing some insight on my current Thyroid labs.
    I have hashi’s and so I swing in my levels often. any input is welcome.

    FT4 1.08 NG/DL Ref range 0.80-1.90
    FT3 4.6 (H) PG/ML Ref range 2.2-4.2
    RT3 10.4 NG/DL Ref range 9.0-27.0



    If I had that problem I would consider some autoimmune cause, maybe some food substance you love?
    Dairy? Wheat? Keep a journal of everything you eat to find causes, effects may be delayed several days, so it can be hard to see a pattern. A journal really helps. The food supply is tainted with much questionable junk.
    Thyroid hormones are measured as free circulating substances, and they are not diffused into wherever needed, but pumped in via specific receptor sites. Intracellular absorption is not measured, so while those numbers can be interesting I do not trust them to set a hormone replacement regimen.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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