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    After 20 years with Hashimoto’s/hypothyroidism, I am tired of being tired. My last good doc left for Texas…I’m in Wisconsin. Since them (3 years ago) I have seen 2 docs, 1 endrocronologist and have been seeing a NP for the last year. Conventional medicine has embraced the TSH so much those of us (read Mary Shaman’s book) done the supplements etc. are ready to open the window and scream…I am tired of being treated like a robot being told I am okay!

    Started with Synthroid, moved to Armour, took my last Nature Throid pill today! I do not know what direction to take! I take sups for Thyroid – Thyroid Care…Terry Naturally and Metabolic Advantage with CuraMed, chewable D3, Iron, and the rest. Follow a great diet (Dr. Mercola a great doc for all to check out…, exercise etc…I have another 10 pounds to loose after the initial thyroid weight gain.

    I just read the blog of the lady in Canada doing it all naturally…is it safe!

    I do great on Nature Throid 130mg…my NP melted down when my TSH was at 0.02…moved me to 97.5mg now my TSH is at 3.20 (0.40-4.50 mIU/L-Quest Diagnostics). I am going crazy…all bad symptoms back – moody, depressed, tireddddddddddddd, not sleeping well, skin, hair falling out, (started the Metabolic 1 month ago-hair getting better). I have the list of tests for the NP if I go back…NP’s charges were higher on some tests, yet used Quest on some of my blood tests…What Gives?

    My only question today if anyone has encountered a good doctor or naturopath in Central Wisconsin?



    “..TSH was at 0.02…”
    Low (suppressed) TSH usually creates excitement in medicos, yet some thyroid cancer patients are suppressed on purpose.
    TSH is a secondary indicator, and the data for unmedicated responses are believed to be the same as for the medicated ones.
    Not so.
    Read whatever relevant you can find on PubMed on the issue, because your doc’s too busy making money to read research, old and new.
    There are studies made on suppressed TSH. Find them. I did. Nothing exciting here. Look it up.
    A suitable dose of NDT will most likely result in a suppressed TSH.

    “…TSH is at 3.20…” is obviously not working. The guy’s a moron. You need more NDT and less moron.



    Second that. NDTs will and must supress TSH. Its not that there is a direct link, its just that the pituitary reads serum levels and decided to stop releasing TSH because there is ample t4/t3 around.

    As soon as you back off NDT…your issues return. Unless you’re magically cured of course.

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