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Top 7 Thyroid Blogs You Need to Read

Best Thyroid Blogs

In our world of information overflow it can be difficult to sift through everything to find what is truly valuable. This is even more so the case when it comes to finding information on thyroid health and wellness. There are a multitude of resources available just a few keystrokes away. We have perused a great deal of content regarding thyroid health and found these 7 blogs to be exceptional sources for thyroid education and information.

Hypothyroid Mom

Hypothyroid Mom is an excellent location to read about a variety of thyroid related topics presented in an easily understandable and personal format. The author, Dana Trentini, is tuned in to matters of thyroid health because she herself has hypothyroidism. Her own experiences have instilled a passion within her to raise thyroid awareness. She does this by presenting articles that are well cited, illustrated, and connected to her personal experience as a patient. Her blog has been active since 2012 and continues to produce informative content on and about the thyroid. If you desire a more personal perspective on thyroid health and how it impacts one’s life, Hypothyroid Mom is a great place to start reading.

Very Well with Mary Shomon

Mary Shomon is a widely respected and nationally-known patient activist that has a long history of raising thyroid awareness through her writings. Verywell is a hub that contains useful information on numerous conditions but is particularly good at relaying thyroid-related knowledge to the masses. From thyroid condition overviews, to interviews with specialists, to easily readable synopses and opinion pieces on new research, Verywell provides them all. Everything is presented in a cleanly designed and professionally written format that makes navigating the site and consuming its information easy. Additionally, a helpful and thriving thyroid community has been constructed around her work and is accessible through the site.

Thyroid Nation

If you are looking for a greater breadth of thyroid and autoimmune coverage, Thyroid Nation may be the site for you. This community is an independent aggregate that presents various forms of media including, editorials, videos, and lifestyle articles all promoting greater health. The community of Thyroid Nation was originally formed from a widespread desire to connect those whose lives have been impacted by thyroid difficulties. Above all, this community is focused on supporting its readers with positivity in the form of uplifting stories and testimonies that offer information gleaned from personal experience. Furthermore, if you feel like your story and experience may help others they welcome new contributors. Thyroid Nation is a great source of motivation and good-vibes that can help you on your journey to achieve better thyroid health.

Stop The Thyroid Madness

Another community centered on “patient experiences and wisdom” is Stop the Thyroid Madness. This site equips thyroid patients with the tools they need to approach their doctors and get the treatment they need. STTM (Stop The Thyroid Madness) is a melting pot of patient experiences and suggestions that has lead readers to improved treatment and interactions with their doctors. The philosophy of STTM is that better-informed patients have a direct impact on the quality of their care. As content is primarily derived from patient experiences, there are many practical topics such as understanding lab work, differences between medication (naturally desiccated thyroid, synthetic, etc.), contributing conditions, testing methods and more.

Thyroid Pharmacist

Begun by Dr. Izabella Wentz, Pharm.D., FASCP, Thyroid Pharmacist is a site devoted to impactful lifestyle changes to aid those with thyroid conditions. As a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis patient, Dr. Wentz has done a great deal of research in pursuit of optimizing thyroid conditions. Rather than focusing solely on pharmaceutical treatments and other drugs, Thyroid Pharmacist focuses primarily on lifestyle interventions and nutrition. Individual implementation of such information can aid in resolving contributing factors of autoimmune disease such as nutrient depletions, adrenal dysfunction, chronic infections, and others. This welcoming website offers suggestions for numerous supplements, beneficial foods, and ways to avoid harmful additives and ingredients.

The Invisible Hypothyroidism

The main concern of The Invisible Hypothyroidism is the unique nature of each person’s thyroid condition and how to get the best treatment for it. Many articles and updates found on this website come from a deeply personal perspective that may resonate with individuals who are dealing with similar symptoms and experiences. Other articles present useful information that is written from a unique and easily approachable perspective. There are also introductory links and helpful book reviews that may help guide newly diagnosed and longstanding thyroid patients alike. If you are looking for friendly, down-to-earth, commentary and information on thyroid conditions, The Invisible Hypothyroidism is the place to go.

Hashimoto’s Awareness

An important factor that contributes to thyroid disease is autoimmune disorders. The goal of Hashimoto’s Awareness is just what one would expect it to be, increase awareness of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. There are several particularly beneficial aspects of Hashimoto’s Awareness. This includes regularly scheduled Q&A’s, thorough explanations of the multiple elements of Hashimoto’s, and wellness tips specifically tailored for those with Hashimoto’s. Other events such as community forums with experts in the field provide users with invaluable knowledge and the opportunity to easily engage with the medical community. Regularly visiting Hashimoto’s Awareness is an excellent way to stay up to date on current research and prospective treatment methods.

Get Engaged, Get Educated

Being well informed of the complexities, personal experiences, and current research involving thyroid conditions is incredibly useful in one’s own thyroid journey. Furthermore, finding a good support group can be invaluable when facing the challenges that come with a thyroid condition.

The websites listed above contain a wealth of information that can be greatly beneficial in your own thyroid research. Utilize the material given in this article to quickly find the material that is most useful and pertinent to you. Or better yet, visit all the sites and see the remarkable amount of information available with your own eyes!

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Where do I find information on the course Take Control of your Thyroid Health mentioned in the last part if this article? I couldn’t find anything.

Naomi Parker

Thank you for your interest, Joyce! Unfortunately, the course has been temporarily postponed. We currently don’t have a launch date set, but keep checking back.


Hello and thank you.

I have known Stop The Thyroid Madness since 2005, and I do know that Stop The Thyroid Madness is unconditional credible. Perhaps even one of the very few most credible and supportive sites available, but I’m not sure about some of the others recommended ones.

There is a great responsibility attached to all recommendations that we make, but if our recomendation fails by directing the sick human beings into sites that may prove to be partially untrustworthy, this untrustworthiness will then turn back on us. Is really sure that every recommendation in this message are worth recommending?

punam pandit

Thanks for sharing this blog. I found the treatment and other aware things related to thyroid.
Dr chitale ENT hospital is also the thyroid centre in Pune.


I need answers and hope. Two out of my four children were born premature. The two premiees have a lot of symptoms of bipolar without the mania. They have not been diagnosed. There is no history of bipolar on my or husbands family. Both children started acting up at age 17. Both premiees have completely white toenails (fungus). Years ago, daughter had a blood virus that was initially checked for leckumea but It was a virus and cleared up. This same daughter recently had a high level of the lactating hormone (if this makes sense because she would not allow… Read more »

Lori Garcia
Lori Garcia

I am on both Armour Thyroid and Levothyroxyn and my blood work is coming back a little low but not low enough where the Dr will increase meds. I am gaining weight like crazy and I am so tired all the time. Any recommendations for a natural supplement to add to my daily regimen? I know something still is not right!

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