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Thyroid Patients: Flu Shot or Not?

Thyroid Patients and the Flu Shot

Another flu season is upon us. It’s an annually recurring time in which there is an increase in the prevalence of the influenza (flu) virus. Countless individuals line up to receive the flu vaccination in hopes to diminish the effects of the flu or avoid it entirely for the year to come.

The flu vaccine, among others, has long-been a topic of discussion. Today we’re not going to tell you whether you or your loved ones should receive this vaccine as the answer is not that simple. Instead we’d like to give you as much information as possible to help you make a well-informed decision.

Thyroid patients, and others with chronic diseases, may have more to consider than previously thought.

For more information on the risks versus benefits of the flu vaccine for thyroid and other chronically ill patients, read this.
Thyroid Patients and the Flu Shot

About the Author

Naomi Parker

Patient Advocate

Naomi Parker is a patient advocate that is enthralled by the medical field. Hypothyroidism became a topic of interest over the last few years while she worked amongst alternative medicine doctors as a front office assistant. She believes that information is key and strives to become better informed so as to help others achieve success and wellness.

Naomi has written various articles concerning hypothyroidism including information on diagnostics and treatment. She enjoys learning alongside others and passing on vital information regarding this condition. Naomi is actively monitoring and writing for the National Academy of Hypothyroidism both on the site and social media.

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