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Thyroid Disease on Social Media

Thyroid Disease on Social Media

Social media has become a significant part of life for many people. Beyond connecting and reconnecting with family and friends, social media can be used to help you learn more about thyroid disease, spread awareness, and find support.

Thyroid Pages on Social Media

We’ve compiled a list of individuals and organizations that we believe share valuable content regarding thyroid health on their social media page.

National Academy of Hypothyroidism
If you haven’t yet viewed or liked our Facebook page, we encourage you to. NAH features informative blogs, infographics, and videos on the thyroid gland and thyroid disease.

Holtorf Medical Group
Our medical director, Kent Holtorf, MD, also directs a nationwide network of practices and doctors helping thyroid patients. These practices are known as Holtorf Medical Group. Their Facebook page (and Twitter page) have a constant flow of thyroid and hormone-related posts and informative articles.

Patient advocate Dana Trentini focuses in on women’s thyroid issues, pregnancy, and hormonal health. She shares both informative and personal stories regarding thyroid health.

This advocacy group puts together petitions and advocacy efforts designed to improve the situation for thyroid patients worldwide. They are continually expanding their efforts and will be sharing new content soon!

Invisible Hypothyroidism
Thyroid patient advocate and recently published author, Rachel Hill, shares a mix of personal and informational posts on her social channels – including Instagram – as she herself has suffered from autoimmune thyroid disease and desires to spread awareness and help others.

The Mighty
The Mighty is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities. They cover a wide range of health conditions in articles and videos created by individuals that have been previously diagnosed or are currently living with the illness.

Mary Shomon’s Thyroid Support
Patient advocate, Mary Shomon, has one of the largest and most active support communities for thyroid patients.

Raising Thyroid Awareness on Social Media

These individuals and organizations are all playing a part in raising awareness for thyroid disease. Unfortunately, ignorance of thyroid disease is still very common. Fortunately, this can be changed through engaging with your friends, family, and social network.

Sharing information to your network from well-respected and vetted sources can improve awareness. It’s important to remember that supplying thoughtful, accurate, and informational resources for supporting thyroid health isn’t only beneficial to those in your social group, but also those connected to members in their circles! The power of online and social sharing can cause your informational article to create a ripple of awareness and better thyroid understanding.

You can learn more about raising thyroid awareness here.

Getting Thyroid Support on Social Media

Joining an online community provides many benefits and can help newly diagnosed or lifelong thyroid patients along their journey to thyroid wellness. Some may be apprehensive when joining an online group, but the many benefits gained from engaging in a healthy and thriving thyroid community can be invaluable.

Those suffering from a thyroid condition are likely familiar with the experience of telling friends, acquaintances and even doctors about their symptoms only to have these concerns brushed off or discounted. Repeatedly experiencing this situation has serious mental and physical ramifications regarding thyroid health. Not only does this social rejection promote a sense of alienation and separation but it may actually disrupt thyroid function further.

One of the best ways to counteract social defeat and alienation relating to thyroid disease is by joining a supportive online community. Thyroid patients are often misunderstood by socially important figures such as employers, friends, and family. When lacking emotional support from such individuals, an online community can help by providing a platform for scared, concerned, or frustrated thyroid patients to express their emotions in a healthy environment of understanding.

Read this to learn more about the importance of support and where to find online thyroid support.

The Benefits of Social Media for Thyroid Patients

No matter your view of social media it must be conceded that it can helpful, especially to those with thyroid disease that are looking to expand their knowledge, take part in raising awareness, and engage and be encouraged by others that share their diagnosis.

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