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The Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Thyroid Patients

The Ultimate 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Thyroid Patients

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list during the holiday season can be a difficult task. However, shopping for the newly diagnosed or currently treated thyroid patient in your life poses an even greater challenge. Thyroid disease often forces patients to make fundamental lifestyle changes. This can influence areas such as diet, mental state, and physical ability. Without having a thorough understanding of thyroid disease, it can be difficult to find gifts that are suitable, safe, and beneficial for those with a thyroid condition. The thyroid-friendly gifts below will help you find the perfect present for the thyroid patients in your life.

Sleep Aids

Thyroid disease, particularly hypothyroidism, demands that a patient get additional rest. In some cases, thyroid patients need two to three more hours of sleep than the average individual. There are multiple thoughtful items that can help thyroid patients get the rest they need.

  • Sleep Sound Machine: Ambient noises can disrupt sleep or reduce sleep quality. Sleep sound machines adapt to the noise level of the local environment and helps drown out intrusive sounds.
  • Blackout Masks: Too much light can make sleep difficult. There are many colors and styles of blackout masks available that may help keep out excess light that can disrupt sleep.
  • Blue Light Blockers: There are glasses specifically designed to block out and counteract the light emissions from electronics such as computers, TVs, and tablets, that are known to inhibit falling asleep and staying asleep. Using blue light blocking glasses reduces the effects of blue light and can greatly improve sleep quality.

Food Products

Those with thyroid disease generally have to adopt new dietary restrictions and nutrition practices. Gifting them with healthy and tasty foodstuffs or tools to support their new diet is always welcome.

  • Hypoallergenic Flours: Thyroid patients often have to eliminate gluten from their diet making it difficult to find satisfying baked goods. Giving the bakers in your life gluten and allergen-free flours can open a whole new world of baking opportunities for them to explore.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a healthy fat that provides many nutritional benefits. It can be used in many applications to support various areas including skin health, cardiovascular wellness, and neurological activity. Coconut oil is a versatile item that any thyroid patient would be happy to receive.
  • Cook Books: Cooking healthy and delicious meals can be difficult for those following a thyroid diet. Paleo or autoimmune diet cookbooks are a great choice for the thyroid patients in your life. Look for books that contain recipes that avoid glutens, grains, inflammatory oils, dairy, or refined sweeteners. Getting the right cook book can revitalize a thyroid patient’s cooking habits while supporting their health and happiness. Check out this new cookbook specifically for thyroid patients – The 30-Minute Thyroid Cookbook: 125 Healing Recipes for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s!

Cozy Comforts

The holidays bring cold weather which can be a major hindrance to thyroid patients. Thyroid disease, specifically hypothyroidism, reduces the body’s ability to regulate temperature also known as cold intolerance – it is important to note that some thyroid patients suffer from heat intolerance so these may not work well for every thyroid patient. Supplying your thyroid friends and family with warm clothing and accessories is a great way to support them during the holidays.

  • Pajamas: Staying comfortable and warm throughout the night is important for maintaining quality sleep which is desperately needed by thyroid patients. A cozy pair of pajamas can help facilitate a good night’s sleep and combat the impact of chilly mornings.
  • Slippers and Gloves: Thyroid patients often get cold in the extremities making slippers and gloves an excellent gift. You can even double up on a set for your recipient, so they have an extra pair to wear at home, at work, or when they are out and about. There is a wide range of styles and colors available making these items a great option for both men and women.
  • Hand Warmers: Hand warmers can supply an extra surge of warmth to help thyroid patients get through particularly cold days. These easy to use products offer immediate warmth that remains for multiple hours, which can keep the cold at bay.
  • Blankets: Blankets are another great accessory that can be used to keep warm or decorate living space. Because of the great variety available, you can find the perfect pattern, color and material for your recipient. However, before purchasing, be sure the person you are buying for is not allergic or sensitive to fibers or materials in the selected item.

Pill Organizer

Treating thyroid disease often requires daily supplementation with various substances including thyroid hormone, vitamins, minerals, or other medications. With so many supplements it can be easy to forget to take them, accidentally double dose, or simply lose medications. A pill organizer can resolve this issue and help ensure that medications and supplements are taken as intended.

Gifts Money Can’t Buy

A major challenge of thyroid disease is the sense of being alone or misunderstood. For this reason, simply being a friend or showing appreciation and compassion can be a great gift.

  • Give the Gift of Time: Spending quality time with your friends and family suffering from thyroid disease can provide a great emotional boost. The weight of the condition can deteriorate mental health and mood, which contributes further to thyroid dysfunction. By being there and showing that you care, you help dispel the harmful emotions and depressive states that often come with thyroid disease.
  • Personalized Messages: Writing a heartfelt note or inspiring message can show that you care for and support the recipient even during times of thyroidal distress. However, keep in mind that not all people are receptive to motivational quotes or statements so use your best judgment when selecting passages or writing notes.
  • Sharing Memories: A scrap book or journal that documents the time you have spent with a thyroid patient on their journey towards wellness can be a particularly special and heartfelt gift. This requires that you have some history with the person, but it will certainly show how much you care!

Choosing the Right Gift

Holiday shopping can be stressful especially if it’s for a person with a thyroid condition. There are many intricacies and lesser known facts about thyroid disease that can make purchasing an appropriate gift a challenge. Hopefully this guide will alleviate some of the difficulty and inspire you to find, craft, or purchase great gifts for all the thyroid patients in your life this holiday season.

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