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The Great Circle of Thyroid Depression

Guest post by Christina Burke

I know first-hand what it feels like to wake up every day with no motivation. I woke up every day with no intention of taking care of myself. No goals. I felt so horrible about my size and how lazy I was, that I would just slip into a deeper depression and feel even worse. It was the “Great Circle of Hypothyroid Depression.” Where on earth do you find the motivation and drive to make the changes you need to make to start feeling better?

The best way to manage symptoms of hypothyroidism is through what we put into our bodies. One of the most frustrating things for myself personally, is weight gain and how hard it is to lose it. It is absolutely possible to lose weight with hypothyroidism… BUT (there is always a but):

  • You may not lose it as fast or at the same rate you did before
  • You may not lose weight at the same rate as someone else (Everyone is different, and we all experience our own journeys. We must be supportive of each other!)

Experts aren’t sure why, but individuals with autoimmune thyroiditis have a harder time losing weight, even after their thyroid levels are normalized. There are several theories, which include insulin resistance, changes in brain chemistry and changes in your metabolism.

It is not easy. Not everyone understands that with hypothyroidism you can try exercising your butt off (there is always a butt!) and you will not be experiencing any changes in your body. The best thing to do is surround yourself with like minded, positive people that lift you up instead of bring you down, people that understand what you are going through, and free your home of toxicity!! (Bad foods and bad energy!)

Set realistic goals and break them down into smaller, achievable goals. Sometimes we have to realize that being a certain weight or size is not always the best goal to focus on first. Having more energy and reducing feelings of tiredness and depression are usually more important to your quality of life. Find more tips for living with Hypothyroidism at my blog:

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