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To Our Supporters: A Special Thank You From The National Academy of Hypothyroidism

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we want to take a moment to extend our great thanks and gratitude to our loyal readers, followers, and supporters. Your continued support and readership has allowed us to strive further towards our goals of raising awareness and spreading the most recent research regarding the treatment and diagnosis of thyroid conditions. Your involvement in advocating for a greater standard of care and effective treatment of thyroid-related disease is integral in improving the quality of life for all.

There is a significant need to universally improve understanding of thyroid disease and the medical practices associated with it. With your continued involvement, we have been able to reach farther and spread much needed information to help people become more familiar with new research and strategies pertinent to treating and living with hypothyroidism.

You can join in the movement of greater thyroid health by following our Facebook page and signing up for our newsletter. These two sources will ensure that you remain well-informed of the happenings and activity in the thyroid community. Spreading the information acquired from these educational outlets helps support greater thyroid wellness for all.

We look forward to your continued interest and dedication to learning about and proliferating new concepts regarding the diagnosis, management, and treatment of hypothyroidism and thyroid disease. Our goal is to improve widespread understanding within the medical community and among patients. By increasing awareness of the most recent research and diagnostic methods for hypothyroidism, we hope to help you achieve greater wellness.

We appreciate your continued loyalty, readership, and active promotion of our goals for improving the treatment practices, awareness, and research of thyroid disease and hypothyroidism.

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