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Support Thyroid Research by Sharing Your Hypothyroid Story

Support Thyroid Research by Sharing Your Hypothyroid Story

Hypothyroidism is a condition affecting many individuals. The American Thyroid Association estimates that nearly 20 million Americans have some degree of thyroid dysfunction and that over 12 percent of the Unites States population will develop a thyroid condition at some point in their life. Unfortunately, current state of awareness and quality of care is not at the level needed to attend to the widespread occurrence of thyroid disease.

Learn more about how you can help raise thyroid awareness here.

As much as 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are not aware of their condition. And even if a patient is diagnosed, it is common for their condition to be incorrectly or undertreated. Worse still, many patients are not given the information needed to better understand, treat, and live with their condition.

Learn more about why the standard treatment for hypothyroidism doesn’t work for many patients here.

Alisia Pajevic and Rob Whiting, students and entrepreneurs at MIT, are taking action to resolve these issues of awareness and treatment. But, to do this, they need your help.

Pajevic and Whiting want to learn as much as possible about your experience as a hypothyroid patient beginning at diagnosis and continuing through ongoing treatment. Specifically, they want to hear about the challenges and pain points experienced as you have progressed along your thyroid journey.

The goal of their research is to gain a better understanding of the patient experience so they can design environments, services, or products that provide greater patient-centric care to thyroid patients. By speaking with hypothyroid patients like yourself, they hope to learn about problems contained in the treatment practice of thyroid disease. This information will help form an image of what better patient-care looks like and what needs to be done to solve real problems that affect real thyroid patients.

The study itself consists of a phone call limited to 20 minutes. All the information you share will be treated as and remain confidential. If you choose to participate, you will be sent a $5 Amazon gift card as a thank you for participating in the study. The gift will be sent immediately after completing the call. Currently, the researchers are only interested in patients residing in the United States.

If you want to help increase thyroid awareness and improve the care of current and future patients, you may want to take part in this MIT study. Those interested in participating can select a date and time to share their thyroid stories over the phone by clicking here. More information on the study may be acquired and any further questions sent to

Help improve thyroid care by sharing your thyroid story!

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Lori Bolden

My story is long and heart breaking, like so many, I suffered for years before natural desiccated thyroid replacement Therepy was brought to my attention. Then I received an email from Isabella Wentz, a pharmacist and thyroid warrior. The email was a nine part webinar called The Thyroid Secret. I was in shock as I watched, I related to almost every story and symptoms. I was on a mission after that. I had my Free T3 and antibodies checked with a naturopathic physician. I begged and convinced my endo to give me Nature-Throid. I left my conventional doctor of 12… Read more »

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