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Lecture 1: Intro to peptides for immune modulation in chronic illness

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Lecture #1 (12/06/2017 @ 6pm PST) Intro to peptides and umbilical cord stem cells for immune modulation in chronic illness, with conditions including, aging, diabetes/insulin resistance, CFS, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, autoimmune disease (peptides discussed, thymosin alpha-1, thymosin beta-4, thymulin, thymogen, BPC-157, antimicrobial peptide (LL- 37).

Lecture #2 (TBD) Growth hormone secretagogues, MGF-1

Lecture #3 (TBD) Peptides and Stem Cells; a match made in heaven (how to use peptides and stem cells together to get synergistic effects that are dramatically better than either treatment by themselves)

Lecture #4 (TBD) Weight loss with follistatin; erectile dysfunction and tanning with melanotan and PT-141; improve memory, cognitive function, attention and productivity with nootropics (Semax, Selenk).

Lecture #5 (TBD) Diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism

Additional lectures to be added

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  1. harriet.mccoy

    I’m trying to get lecture 2 but it won’t download. Also, do you know any peptide compounder that is licensed to ship to Virginia?
    Harriet McCoy, NP
    harrietmcc43@gmail. com

  2. harriet.mccoy

    Does RevitaStem ship to Virginia?

  3. Dudleychiro@hotmail.com

    tailor made is in Kentuky