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Holiday Gift Ideas for Thyroid Patients

Holiday Gift Ideas for Thyroid Patients

Shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on your list can bring unneeded stress during the holiday season. Thyroid conditions such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Graves’ Disease and their associates hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, are not as well promoted or understood by much of the population. Therefore, finding the perfect gift for those who suffer from a thyroid condition can be difficult. However, there is no need to stress over gift ideas for your friends and family with thyroid conditions. Below is a list of various items that any thyroid patient would be excited to receive this year.

Thoughtful Gift Suggestions


Those with thyroid conditions, specifically hypothyroidism, often have difficulty maintaining proper body temperature. This means that cold weather is significantly more draining and chilling for them. Helping them keep out the cold during the winter months can be greatly beneficial. An excellent option is a blanket from Sackcloth and Ashes. Not only do these blankets keep you and your loved ones warm, but the company also helps the less fortunate by donating a blanket to a local homeless shelter for every blanket purchased. The blankets come in a variety of styles and patterns and there are even blankets designed specifically for outdoor use.

Sorel Slippers

A major concern for thyroid patients is excessive chill in the extremities. Sorel Slippers provide easy to wear, comfortable and protective footwear. These are great for around the house or if one needs to quickly step outside to receive a package or send off holiday visitors while keeping those toes toasty and warm. With various styles and colors available for men and women you can purchase the right look for the right person.

Hand Warmers

Sometimes it is necessary to get an extra burst of warmth when bundling up isn’t enough. As said before, keeping the extremities well-heated can be challenging especially when gloves and socks aren’t doing the trick. By using disposable and transportable hand warmers one can power up their winter clothing with extra heat that can last for 8 hours. These are great for emergency warmth or to help maintain body heat during particularly cold days.

Mattress Pad

During the winter, one’s bed may not be particularly welcoming. The initial sensation of bone chilling sheets and icy pillows are not great motivators when it comes to getting to sleep. Using a heated mattress pad can alleviate this problem and make the transition from chilly evening to toasty dozing an easy one. Benefits of this specific brand include a ten-hour safety shutoff and machine washable material.

Car Seat Cushion

Much like a bed warmer, car seat warmers make the switch from warm home to a frigid car significantly more comfortable. Sitting down into the warm embrace of a heated seat is a far cry from the shockingly frigid reminder that one’s car has been sitting outside in the cold. There are a variety of pricing options and styles available, which means seat warmers are a flexible gift option for those particularly sensitive to the cold.


In addition to being a healthy hot beverage, tea provides several benefits depending on the type brewed. Elderberry tea and Astragalus root tea are two types of tea that are particularly beneficial. Both are known to help combat cold and flu symptoms, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthy immune system. Both inflammation and immune system difficulties are common concerns for those with thyroid issues. The most notable difference between these two helpful drinks is the taste. This is where you get the opportunity to show how much you know your recipient. Elderberry has a certain tartness whereas Astralagus is sweet. You can order these teas, along with many others, from Buddha Teas. This company touts all organic ingredients and even uses bleach-free tea bags to reduce chemicals.

Natural Light Lamp

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is more common in those with thyroid conditions and can lead to depression. One of the better ways to combat this, in addition to providing energy, improving mood, and assist metabolism, is light therapy. When the sun refuses to come out the next best option is a 10,000 lux lightbox or lamp. Depending on the chosen size, one could move around the house or even travel with the benefits of the sun always at their disposal.

(Book) Why Do I still Have Thyroid Symptoms?

An excellent option for those who don’t necessarily have a thyroid condition themselves but have friends or family that do is Datis Kharrazian’s “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal.” This book dives into the causes of hypothyroidism and how to go about dealing with and managing the many complexities that come with it. The discussion includes methods to prevent additional damage to the immune system and natural compounds the author has found beneficial in his practice of treating thyroid conditions.

(Book) Living Well with Hypothyroidism

Another great book that maintains a less technical but still incredibly informative look at hypothyroidism is Mary Shomon’s “Living Well with Hypothyroidism.” Some consider it to be comparable to a “how-to” guide of living with and understanding a thyroid condition. The book includes information regarding symptoms, treatment options, and prognosis regarding hypothyroidism. If you have friends and family who have thyroid conditions, it may even be worth picking up a copy for yourself!

Cooking and Nutrition Class

Dietary and nutritional needs can shift after one discovers they have a thyroid condition. Being well-educated on both the demands of a thyroid condition and how to effectively fulfill them doesn’t have to be a challenge. Enrollment in a local cooking and/or nutrition class can be a fun and healthy way of fulfilling both the demands of the mind and the body.

Yoga and/or Pilates Class

Staying active can be intimidating and challenging during the winter months. One way to stay active is by taking part in yoga or other wellness programs. Purchasing a gift card or class voucher can provide the outlet needed. Maintaining healthy activity allows the body to kick-start the metabolism and improve blood flow and nutrient transportation throughout the body. These boost the body’s responsiveness to shifting temperatures and improves heat regulation.

Happy Shopping!

It would be hard to go wrong offering any one of these items to someone suffering from a thyroid condition. Removing the stress of researching products allows you the freedom to choose the best present. Hopefully with these suggestions you will be able to find the perfect gift for every friend and family member looking to support their thyroid this holiday season!

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