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Comprehensive List of Thyroid Symptoms – Printable Checklist

We’ve put together a detailed checklist of thyroid symptoms, grouped by category.

You can download and print this full thyroid symptom checklist as a PDF file, to fill out and take to your doctor, or to use to monitor your symptoms and results.

If you feel there are additional symptoms you’d like to see added, please share them in the comments.

Thyroid / Throat / Neck / Mouth

___ I have a goiter

___ My thyroid/neck is enlarged

___ I can feel a lump — or what appears to be some sort of fullness or growth — in my neck or thyroid area

___ I have enlarged and/or tender lymph nodes

___ I find neckties, turtlenecks, necklaces and or scarves around my neck uncomfortable

___ I have a “buzzy” feeling in my neck/thyroid area

___ I sometimes feel like I am choking or have something stuck in my throat

___ Sometimes it’s hard to swallow

___ My tongue feels thick and/or trembles

___ I have pain and tenderness in my neck and/or thyroid

___ My voice has become hoarse, husky, or gravelly.

Weight Changes / Appetite Changes

___ I feel thirsty much of the time

___ I am unusually hungry

___ I have no appetite

___ I am losing weight, even though I haven’t changed my diet and exercise

___ I have experienced rapid and/or dramatic weight loss without particularly dieting

___ I am losing weight during pregnancy

___ I am craving and/or eating more carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, sweets, fruits, sugary foods, etc.)

___ I’m a diabetic, and having symptoms of poor blood sugar control (hunger, shakiness when hungry)

___ I am able to eat more and not gain weight

___ I am able to eat more and am still losing weight

___ I can’t gain weight, even if I eat more

___ I am gaining weight without a change in diet or exercise

___ I am unable to lose weight, despite proper diet and exercise

___ I am having excessive vomiting and nausea — accompanied by weight loss — in pregnancy

___ I have had a baby in the last year and experienced a rapid and/or dramatic weight loss without dieting

___ I have recently been diagnosed as anorexic

Bloating/Fluid in the Abdomen

___ I have rapidly gained weight in the abdominal area

___ My ankles are swollen

___ I am experiencing abdominal discomfort and distention

___ I’m experiencing shortness of breath (a.k.a. “air hunger”)


___ I am very intolerant of any temperature extremes — hot or cold

___ I am very sensitive to cold

___ I have a low-grade fever

___ I have been diagnosed as having hypothermia (low body temperature).

___ I feel cold, especially in the hands and/or feet.

___ I’m frequently thirsty

___ My “normal” basal body temperature is lower than 97.8 to 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

___ I feel warm or hot when others are cold, or cold when others are warm

___ I’m experiencing hot flashes

___ I’m sweating excessively, or much less than normal


___ My movements are slower than normal

___ My speech is slower than normal


___ My pulse rate is particularly low or high (insert beats per minute here

___   ( _____ bpm)

___ I have unusually low or high blood pressure

___ I feel like my heart is racing or pounding

___ I feel like I can “hear” my heartbeat in my head

___ I have occasional chest pain

___ I feel heart palpitations, flutters, skipped beats, strange patterns or rhythms

___ I have frequent headaches

___ I often feel breathless

___ I frequently feel dizzy

Gastrointestinal System

___ I have more frequent bowel movements

___ My bowel movements are looser than normal

___ I have diarrhea

___ I have pain in the upper right abdominal area

___ I have constipation

___ I have to urinate more frequently

___ I am experiencing nausea and/or vomiting


___ I experience periods of shortness of breath

___ I have tightness in the chest

___ Occasionally, I feel the need to yawn to get oxygen


___ Vertigo and dizziness

___ Lightheaded feeling, dizziness


___ I have tinnitus (ringing in ears).

___ I have sudden hearing loss or onset of deafness

Energy / Muscles / Joints

___ I feel fatigued more than normal.

___ I feel weak, run down, sluggish, lethargic.

___ I feel like I can’t get enough sleep

___ My muscles feel weak

___ My arms, shoulders and/or legs feel week

___ I am more fatigued and sore than normal after exercise

___ I have developed carpal-tunnel syndrome, or my existing carpal tunnel syndrome is getting worse.

___ I need very little sleep

___ I have experienced one or more episodes of extreme weakness, i.e., difficulty walking

___ I have had an unusual increase in energy

___ I’m feeling a need to exercise far more than usual

___ I have pains, aches, and stiffness in various joints, hands, and feet

___ I have developed tarsal-tunnel syndrome (legs), or my existing condition is getting worse.

___ I have developed plantar’s fasciitis (balls of feet) or my existing condition is getting worse.


___ My skin is smooth, young looking, and/or velvety

___ I have worsening acne, breakouts

___ My mucous membranes (i.e. mouth, eyes) are especially dry

___ I have a dull facial expression

___ I have puffiness around my eyes

___ My face, throat, palms and/or elbows are flushed

___ My coloring and/or lips are pale

___ I have patches of unpigmented skin (vitiligo)

___ I have waxy, reddish-brown lesions on my lower legs, feet, toes, arms, face, shoulders and/or trunk.

___ My skin is rough, coarse, dry, scaly, itchy, and thick.

___ I get painful, inflamed boils in my armpits or groin

___ I’m bruising easily

___ I have prominent spider veins on my face or neck

___ I have blister-like bumps on my forehead and/or face

___ My skin is yellowish

___ I’m getting hives frequently

___ I’m experiencing itching

___ I have puffy/swollen eyes and/or face.

___ I have swollen eyelids.

Nails / Hands

___ My nails are more shiny than usual

___ My nails are dry, more brittle, break more easily

___ My nails are softer

___ My hands and palms are warm and moist.

___ My nail bed is separating from my finger

___ I have swollen hands, pain in finger joints

Hair Changes

___ My hair is falling out more than usual

___ I’m losing body hair

___ I’m losing hair from the outer edge of my eyebrows

___ My hair has become thinner

___ My hair has become finer

___ My hair has become softer

___ My hair can no longer hold a perm or a curl

___ My hair has become rough and coarse

___ My hair has become dry

___ My hair has been breaking and has become brittle


___ My toes are swelling and becoming wider

___ I have pain in the joints of my toes

___ I have swollen feet

___ I have tarsal tunnel syndrome (pain in leg)

___ I have plantar’s fasciitis (pain in the ball of the feet)

___ I have waxy, reddish-brown lesions on my lower legs, feet, toes

___ I have significantly calloused heels


___ My eyes feel uncomfortable

___ My eyes feel dry, and/or gritty

___ It feels as if there is something in my eye

___ My eyes are tearing and watering frequently

___ There are visible blood vessels in my eyes

___ My upper and lower eyelids look irritated and puffy

___ I feel an achiness or pain behind my eyes

___ I frequently have a headache in the eye area

___ My eyeballs are bulging or protruding

___ I can’t completely close my eye during sleep

___ My upper eyelids are retracting, giving me a wide-eyed, startled look

___ I have tics, twitches and/or tremor in my eyes and/or eyelids

___ I have a noticeable “stare”

___ I don’t blink frequently

___ My eyes get jumpy (tics in eyes)

___ When I shift my gaze quickly, I feel dizzy or disoriented

___ My vision is blurred and/or worsening

___ My vision is blurry, but eyedrops help

___ I have double vision

___ I find colors are less vivid and/or brightness is diminishing

___ I have poor night vision

___ I’m light sensitive

___ I see “flashing lights” or “floaters”

___ My eyelids are puffy


___ I feel sad, empty, worthless and/or hopeless

___ I feel hopeless or pessimistic

___ I feel guilty and/or helpless

___ I am withdrawing emotionally

___ I’ve lost interest or pleasure in activities and hobbies

___ I’ve lost interest or pleasure in sex

___ I have thoughts of death or suicide

___ I have mood swings

___ I’m feeling unusually elated

___ I’m feeling unusually self-confident

___ I’m having hallucinations

___ I’m taking an antidepressant, but it doesn’t seem to be working.


___ My moods change easily.

___ My mind feels like I’m in a “fog,” I have “brain fog”

___ I find it difficult to focus or concentrate

___ I find it difficult to make decisions

___ I’m feeling confused and my thinking is disorganized

___ I have dyslexia

___ I’m having difficulty with reading and/or calculating

___ I have memory problems, and am forgetting things

___ I feel like my mind is going blank regularly

___ My mind is racing, I can’t shut my thoughts off


___ Sometimes I am acting erratically, overemotionally

___ I feel uncontrollable and/or irrational anger or aggressiveness at times when it’s not appropriate

___ I feel anxious, nervous, restless, irritable, on edge

___ I feel inexplicably frightened at times

___ I’m frequently worrying, and I find it hard to stop

___ I’m jumpy, easily startled

___ My reflexes are particularly fast

___ I have tremors, my hands are shaky

___ I’m having panic attacks

___ I’m always moving, jiggling, tapping a foot, drumming my fingers — can’t sit still

Sleep Problems

___ I find it hard to fall asleep

___ After I’ve fallen asleep, I frequently wake up

___ When I wake up in the middle of the night, I find it hard to fall back asleep

___ I have insomnia and can’t sleep

___ I wake feeling tired and unrefreshed

___ I frequently oversleep

___ I am frequently exhausted

___ I snore

___ I have sleep apnea


___ I have developed premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or my PMS seems to have gotten worse

___ My menstrual periods have stopped

___ My menstrual periods have become unusually light

___ My menstrual periods have become unusually short

___ My menstrual periods are coming less frequently

___ My menstrual periods have become unusually heavy

___ My menstrual periods have become unusually long

___ My menstrual periods are coming more frequently

Sex Drive

___ My sex drive is low or nonexistent

___ I have difficulty reaching orgasm

___ I have a suddenly “raging libido”/very high sex drive

___ I’m behaving in a sexually obsessive way

___ I have chronic yeast infections

___ I have constant excessive vaginal lubrication


___ I’m unable to get pregnant

___ I’ve had a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages

___ I’m showing signs that I’m not ovulating

___ I have an in vitro fertilization failure

___ I’ve had donor egg failure

Symptoms in Pregnancy

___ I am vomiting excessively

___ I am losing weight or not gaining appropriately

___ I have an extreme case of morning sickness

___ I am gaining excessive weight during pregnancy

___ I am extremely fatigued

___ My hair is falling out

___ I’m feeling unusually depressed

Post-Partum Symptoms

___ I have had or am having difficulty breastfeeding

___ I am having difficulty losing weight

___ I’m experiencing depression and mood swings

___ I am losing large amounts of hair

___ I’m having brain fog, memory lapses, and difficulty concentrating

___ I am abnormally fatigued

Breast Changes

___ My breasts are leaking milk, but I’m not lactating or breastfeeding


___ My perimenopause symptoms have gotten worse

___ My menopause symptoms have gotten worse