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Campaign to Promote Synthroid Features Actress Sofia Vergara

Thyroid drug manufacturer AbbVie, maker of Synthroid (a brand of thyroid hormone replacement drug levothyroxine), has just launched a new campaign called “Follow the Script” to “promote awareness” of hypothyroidism, but the campaign seems primarily designed to promote Synthroid. They’ve gotten as paid spokesperson the popular actress Sofia Vergara, star of “Modern Family.”

Thyroid patients have a variety of feelings — both pro and con — about the campaign. I’m also conflicted about it as well, and I’ve written about my concerns in an editorial called Sofia Vergara’s Thyroid Drug Campaign: A Reality Check.

If you want to learn more about the whole issue, you can also see the following:

Note: I really don’t like the title of the campaign. “Follow the Script” suggests a passive role for patients — where doctors prescribe a thyroid treatment (in this case, Synthroid), and we just quietly “follow along.” This is the opposite of being an empowered, knowledgeable thyroid patient. If I were in charge of the campaign, I’d have titled it: “Follow the Patient!”

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