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Are You Hypothyroid? Take the Test to Find Out!

Thyroid Test

Thyroid disease can be sinister. There are many people throughout the world that are unaware that they are suffering from thyroid dysfunction or a thyroid condition.

Without recognizing the presence of thyroid disease there is no possibility of resolving it. For this reason, we’ve developed an easy-to-use, online test to help assess your individual thyroid health.

What You Need

Before beginning the self-administered exam, be sure to have recent test results for TSH, free T3 (or T3), free T4 (or T4), reverse T3, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), antithyroglobulin antibody, TPO antibody, and leptin – you can download a printable lab slip for these tests here. These elements are useful indicators for evaluating thyroid wellness.

Test Composition

Basic information such as age and gender are requested as thyroid disease manifests itself differently among genders and age group.

A short section regarding the degree of your symptoms will follow. This portion of the test asks that you assess symptom intensity. Categories range from physical and mental changes or difficulties to chronic symptoms and conditions.

The final piece of the test relies on your lab tests. Inputting your lab results allows this free assessment to help you interpret what these numbers mean and how they correlate to your thyroid function. The requested data includes thyroid hormones, testosterone, antibodies etc. If this information is not available don’t worry, simply provide what data you have.

Finally, your results are sent to your preferred e-mail. The results of this test allow you to make a more informed decision about pursuing thyroid treatment.

Reading the Results

Recognizing and diagnosing thyroid disease is an important step in reaching better health. If your results suggest the presence of a thyroid condition and you decide to pursue treatment, be sure to find a physician who is thyroid-literate and listens to your concerns and symptom reports – here are a few resources for locating a knowledgeable thyroid doctor. Resolving a thyroid condition can take time and finding a good physician is critical to treatment success.

Take the test and start your trek towards better thyroid health.

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