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20 Signs That You Need a New Thyroid Doctor


We’ve all experienced it: when a visit to a patronizing, compassion-challenged practitioner leaves us feeling irritated and anxious rather than hopeful of healing. Here’s a list of red flags to watch for … please add your 2 — or 20 — cents in the comments!

The Doc …

…says you’re fine, you just need an antidepressant

…advises you that you just need to get more sleep

…infers that you’re just using your thyroid as an excuse for being overweight

…suggests with a straight face that you consume far fewer calories – when you know that you’re already eating very little

…dismisses your concerns with “you’re just stressed and depressed”

…decides your TSH is “within normal limits,” so there’s no need to test further

…tells you that you need Radioactive Iodine (RAI) for mild hyperthyroidism, without discussing antithyroid drugs

…prescribes medication with the happy, “helpful” info that “all my other patients are taking it”

…suggests that taking “one little pill and you’ll be back to normal”

…advocates thyroidectomy as “easy” and/or “no big deal”

…says “I don’t prescribe T3 or natural thyroid because “it dissolves your bones” or “it’s outdated,” or “it’s not even on the market”

…tells you that thyroid cancer is”the good kind of cancer!”

…cracks a tasteless goiter joke

…makes light of hyperthyroidism’s typical weight loss symptom by declaring, “I wish I had a case of hyperthyroidism!”

…tells you to “Follow the Script” – or interrupts your visit to speak with a drug company rep

…discourages you from researching thyroid disease online because getting medical info from the Internet is “never a good idea”

…is dismayed to learn you read books by Mary Shomon, Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, Richard Shames, MD, or Sara Gottfried, MD and –gasp! — even follow them on the web

…interrupts your consultation time to take a calls, look at texts, or answer emails

…does a lot of talking, but very little listening

…makes you feel demeaned, patronized, or marginalized

Do you have other signs that let you know it was time for a new thyroid doctor? Share them in the comments!

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Add to the list the one that looks st you endearingly stating with a pained face “I have to see my next patient” whilst you are sitting there with floods of tears because you are exasperated to the point where you just can’t take any more unresponsive doctors

Liz Dickerson

My Dr. tells me that she will not up my Nature Throid med because it’s natural and I need a natural Doc to take care of me as long as I am on this type of med. She will not do any testing for my thyroid other than TSH unless I go off of it for a month first as she says that Nature Throid will obscure the tests.

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