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Levoxyl Coming Back on the Market

For those patients on the Levoxyl brand of levothyroxine, good news. Levoxyl — which has been off the market for almost a year — is officially back on the market March 3, 2014. But patients are reporting that at some … Continue Reading

AlterNet Article Gets it All Wrong Re: Thyroid Disease

In the AlterNet “Personal Health” article, How Big Pharma Brainwashes Americans Into Believing They’re Sick, author Martha Rosenberg got it wrong about thyroid disease. I am no fan of big pharma and the often cynical efforts to manufacture and market … Continue Reading

Get Your Thyroid Ready for Winter

It’s that time of year — temperatures dropping, cold weather hitting many parts of the nation. We put antifreeze in our cars, winterize our houses, get out the sweaters and coats. But what about your thyroid? Are you and your … Continue Reading

Thyroid Patients: How You and Your Family Can Have a Happy, Healthy Halloween

With the countdown to America’s most popular holiday upon us, it’s time to think seriously about how you’ll be filling your candy coffers. Let’s not kid ourselves — abstinence is practically impossible, what with bags of candy corn beckoning from … Continue Reading

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month — a month when attention is focused on building understanding and awareness of thyroid cancer’s signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Thyroid cancer is one of the few cancers that is actually on the rise … Continue Reading

Kent Holtorf, MD Featured in New Book from Baywatch Star Gena Lee Nolin and Bestselling Author/Advocate Mary Shomon

I’ve been a long-time supporter of Kent Holtorf, MD, founder of the National Academy of Hypothyroidism, and his efforts to ensure that patients receive proper diagnosis and treatment for hormone imbalances and thyroid problems. So when I was writing my … Continue Reading

Thyroid and Health News

Over at my site, I’ve got a few new articles of interest to hypothyroid patients to share: Six Things You Should Do Every Time You Get a Prescription FilledYou may grab a prescription from the pharmacy without checking it, … Continue Reading

Wall Street Journal Focuses on Call for More Thyroid Options, Features National Academy of Hypothyroidism

An August 5, 2013 article by writer Sumathi Reddy of the Wall Street Journal focuses on how traditional diagnosis and treatment for thyroid problems aren’t working for all patients. The article, titled New Call for More Thyroid Options, focuses in … Continue Reading

Chaos in the Thyroid Drug World

It turns out that: Levothroid brand of levothyroxine has been permanently discontinued Levoxyl brand of levothyroxine is “off the market” — for a full year at least The price for Synthroid brand levothyroxine price is going up…fast Tirosint’s price has … Continue Reading

Comprehensive List of Thyroid Symptoms – Printable Checklist

We’ve put together a detailed checklist of thyroid symptoms, grouped by category. You can download and print this full checklist as a PDF file, to fill out and take to your doctor, or to use to monitor your symptoms and … Continue Reading